What Do You Call Those Insects That Glow?

I recently presented at a conference for an online global writing group of which I’m a member. We spent the entire day with presentations and sharing knowledge. One of the presentations I gave was about building characters – a discussion I’ve had… who even knows how many times at this point? It was an abbreviatedContinue reading “What Do You Call Those Insects That Glow?”

Indigenous Peoples Day

I live on land that was at various times occupied by the Očhéthi Šakówiŋ, Hoocąk, Menominee, and the Niúachi (all names provided are their own – they are not anglicized here). There are records of the Menominee from 1831, a ratified treaty, granting the land noted in Cession 159 to the Menominee. In this document,Continue reading “Indigenous Peoples Day”

The Theater

My family first encountered Bob Thompson when we were camping (at what was then our family run Camp-Tel Family Campground). Part of the grounds includes five acres of apple trees, and we were wandering around amongst them when we stumbled upon a man… talking to the trees. What we didn’t know at the time wasContinue reading “The Theater”

Writing Slump

On the morning of Friday, March 5, I received All Falling Things back from my editor. I asked for a timeline since they didn’t offer a deadline, and the response was by the end of April if possible. I returned the manuscript March 18. [strained smile] Any moment I wasn’t working or sleeping, I wasContinue reading “Writing Slump”