JAMS Afterword

Below is the Afterword for Voices of Jane Adeny Memorial School: All proceeds from this book go straight into the scholarship fund to help other students acquire an education at Jane Adeny Memorial School for Girls. Each girl within these pages gave permission for their story to be included – excited about the chance toContinue reading “JAMS Afterword”

JAMS Foreword

Below is the foreword from Voice of Jane Adeny Memorial School for Girls: Set into a lush green hillside of Muhoroni, Kenya (near Fort Ternan), is the Jane Adeny Memorial School for Girls (JAMS), founded by Teresa Wasonga and Andrew Otieno. The school is named for Teresa’s mother who identified the ten acres on whichContinue reading “JAMS Foreword”

My Time at JAMS

The moment the wheels of the plane lifted off the runway, my nerves finally settled down. I’ve come to realize that in moments like this, I let go of being nervous because the trip is officially out of my hands. I made it to the airport, got through security, got onto the right plane, andContinue reading “My Time at JAMS”

A Story a Day: Month Five

For this month, I wanted to read fairy tales and folklore from other countries (aside from one that is New Orleans based but is about voodoo). I found the stories below through the World Mythology and Folklore website. As with the previous four months, I have no idea what these stories are about – theContinue reading “A Story a Day: Month Five”

National Poetry Month – Olivia Gatwood

I honestly don’t even remember where I first encountered Gatwood’s poetry – but I’m thankful for that moment. Like the other poets I’ve shared this month, it is ridiculously easy for me to fall down a YouTube-shaped rabbit hole of Gatwood’s work. I also really love sharing her poems with my own students. I’ve evenContinue reading “National Poetry Month – Olivia Gatwood”

National Poetry Month – Denice Frohman

I’m honestly not sure when I first became of aware of Denice Frohman and her poetry. It might have been when her Dear Straight People poem first went viral, but I can’t say for certain. All I know is that Frohman’s poetry pulled me in – and it’s been such a joy watching her workContinue reading “National Poetry Month – Denice Frohman”

A Poem in Your Pocket

repost from my work with UntitledTown Did you know that in 2002 the Office of the Mayor of New York City, in partnership with the city’s Department of Cultural Affairs and Education, started Poem in Your Pocket Day? Or that in 2008, the Academy of Poets expanded the program across the country? Or that inContinue reading “A Poem in Your Pocket”

National Poetry Month – Danez Smith

The first time I met Danez Smith (they/them), they asked me if I was IT. I promise that this is not something I should ever be confused for. I have mad respect for any IT person – because I know NOTHING about fixing computers. Any fixing I’ve ever managed has been total dumb luck (orContinue reading “National Poetry Month – Danez Smith”

First Interview

This morning, my first official interview as an author dropped! I was nervous heading into this, but Kathleen Foxx, the host of Badass Writers Podcast, put me at ease quickly. We had a lovely chat where I talk about writing, my debut novel, and the how the Voices of JAMS collection came to be (which,Continue reading “First Interview”

National Poetry Month – Andrea Gibson

I first heard the name Andrea Gibson about a decade ago when a friend mentioned them (Gibson’s pronouns are they/them/their). My friend said Gibson was their favorite poet and said they were coming to campus and asked if I would come along. I am so very glad I said yes. Gibson has a way withContinue reading “National Poetry Month – Andrea Gibson”